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  • in reply to: Joe Zinkan recording #1101

    Thanks for posting all these great Zinkan clips.
    Such a wonderful player!

    in reply to: Joe Zinkan recording #1095

    Someone posted the same question on the AOSB Facebook page:

    Joe Zinkan

    Posted by Art of Slap Bass on Thursday, July 8, 2010

    in reply to: Joe Zinkan recording #1091

    This is one of my favorite Zinkan recordings. He was really one of the best.

    Thanks for posting it Kent!

    in reply to: hello! #1066

    Hey Dave,
    great to “see” you here!

    Me (and I’m sure many folks here) are looking forward to hear some interesting stories about slapping the bass for all those amazing musicians you played with.

    Welcome to the Art of Slap Bass!

    PS Love the “Sore Spot”

    in reply to: wrist problems? #937

    Hey Benwardo,
    thanks for posting the video and starting this conversation! This is very important issue for all slap players.

    Ryan Gould dedicated a lot of time on the stretches and as you probably noticed he is the only one that’s actually doing it from all the guys that are interviewed here.

    Shoot him a message here –
    I’m sure he’d be happy to reply.

    Hope your wrist is feeling better!

    in reply to: SLAP BASS (from Winnetka !) #810

    It should!
    Great job man (as always)!

    in reply to: New video for Gypsy (and slap !) addicts. #716

    Great stuff my friend!
    Next time something with violin, clarinet, or second guitar and no drums;)

    Louis Vola is one of my favorites too. Btw I thought that he was founding member of the HCDF and the first Django’s bassist, not the second. Are you sure that someone else played before Vola?

    in reply to: Double Stops. #655

    Double stops are great addition specially for slap solos. Sometimes they could be used very nicely for regular bass lines as well. I’m not sure why people don’t use them more often.

    The easiest one is the perfect fifth aka “power chord” (with index and pinky). If you spend some time, you can also figure out easy ways to incorporate major and minor thirds, perfect fourth and diminished fifth into your playing. The other intervals are easy to play with open strings.

    If you check out my Atomic Boogie video (at the bottom of this post) you’ll notice that in the slap part of the solo, I used double stops in 3 or 4 different sections. The solo is ending with the section of 3 note and 4 note chords. That’s just one of the examples of course.

    Playing these 2-3-4 note chords on the bass is also very good practice for the intonation.

    [url=http://]Atomic Boogie[/url]

    in reply to: swing beat on drums for fruity loops? #617

    The easiest way is to set metronome just on 2 and 4. That way you’ll hear the accents and that should help you getting the swing feel.

    Other way is to find already prepared swing loop and play with it.

    Try not to practice too much with a metronome. Don’t forget that you should be the one that everyone else should rely to.

    in reply to: Djordje’s setup on atmonic boogie video #544

    I use Thomastik Spirocore Orchestra strings for almosr 20 years now. Those are Medium tension, not Light.

    The bass is just cheap Chinese bass that I bought straight from the factory. I moved the bridge and soundpost a little bit, put new strings and that’s it. It has never been to luthier and I still use it for almost all my US shows, which is about 200 or so per year, recorded 5 albums with it etc.

    Hope this helps!

    in reply to: “You Mostest girl” Slap fills…. #382

    Zinkan at his best!!!
    [i]I Never Can Come Back to You[/i] is really a great solo and another example where bass player was not credited!
    Happens too often…

    in reply to: “You Mostest girl” Slap fills…. #208

    Hey Kent!
    Great to “see” you here!

    I was sure you’ll show up when I mentioned Zinkan!
    He’s definitely one of the best slap players in the history and unfortunately not so well known outside of the Nashville studio scene. Information that we shared about him were very helpful for me and my study about history of the upright slapping. Hope you’ll share your knowledge here as well! Thanks so much!

    the YT clip you posted says ’58, but that version is definitely from the 70’s. It’s obvious when you hear cheezy 70’s guitar sound:) Believe me, I spent so much time searching for the info on that tune. Even talked to Bobby Lee Trammell about it.

    in reply to: Feature artist suggestion #207

    All great suggestions!
    Actually already working on some of those!

    I like to study every player before I feature them, so it takes some time. I really want to present every featured bassist as good as possible. I also want to promote some other, not so well known, players that deserve much more media attention by my opinion. My plan is to bring some players outside of the “billy” scene here.

    Feel free to suggest players that you’d like to see here!

    Hope you guys like Nicolas’ interview and his video!

    in reply to: Nervous #206

    Hi David,
    welcome to the Art of Slap Bass!

    I’m sorry to hear that this w-site makes you uncomfortable.

    My main focus was more on giving useful information about slap bass than colors on the forum. But I do want to make it as pleasant as possible, so please let me know what bothers you and what would be your suggestion to make this forum and w-site better.

    Any other thoughts on this subject (design and general look of the w-site)?

    Thank you!

    in reply to: Yee Haw #205

    Willie is definitely one of the most important players and huge influence for all of us!

    Glad you like the w-site Mike and I hope you’ll share your knowledge about slap bass history here! And yes, I’d love to see as many cats from rockabillybass as possible. Please spread the word!

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