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    dave roe

    hey everybody! dave roe here. i love this site, and because they say it’s a good idea, i’m supposed to tell a little about me.
    nashville based session guy, played with johnny cash 10 years, dwight yoakam, lots of others. i have a website where there is more stuff. play with the don kelley band in nashville at robert’s western world, where we are one of the steady house bands.
    most recent cool record dates was with john mellencamp on his new t bone burnette produced project, which believe it or not, is pretty much a rockabilly album. i love kevin smith, jimmy sutton, joe fick, and geoff firebaugh.
    love to hear form folks


    Hey Dave,
    great to “see” you here!

    Me (and I’m sure many folks here) are looking forward to hear some interesting stories about slapping the bass for all those amazing musicians you played with.

    Welcome to the Art of Slap Bass!

    PS Love the “Sore Spot”

    dave roe

    woww! great to here directly from you! i’m a big fan. can’t believe anyone has actually heard sore spot! who told you about that?
    my home email is bassroe@comcast.net. shoot me a line and i’ll send you my #. would love to talk to you sometime.

    Geoff Firebaugh

    I like you too dave. nice to see you in cyberspace…..

    dave roe

    love u chuffy!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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