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    kent blanton

    As I promised a while back here is some of the recordings I have with Joe Zinkan playing bass ,I will try to get a brief bio on him as well,,heres one of the greatest slap solos ever,,this is Joe on record with the duo Johnny&Jack,,I never can come back too you,,1958 hope this comes through,,Kent

    kent blanton

    I cannt seem to get this board to load the file I have,,,any ideas??

    kent blanton

    try again [file size=404][/file]


    Thanks, but I can’t “de-zip”it, does it work ?

    Kevin Stewart

    The bass line on this recording is AMAZING! Very cool. Hope Kent can post it up here for everyone to hear…

    I’ve always wondered who recorded that bass track 😉

    kent blanton

    Let’s try this you tube,,heres Joe with Johnny&Jack from 1958


    This is one of my favorite Zinkan recordings. He was really one of the best.

    Thanks for posting it Kent!


    …and I didn’t knew him!!!

    He was only playin’ with this band or have more recordings with anothers?

    What a discover for me!!!

    more information please.


    Someone posted the same question on the AOSB Facebook page:

    Joe Zinkan

    Posted by Art of Slap Bass on Thursday, July 8, 2010

    kent blanton

    Joe worked with Johnny & Jack for a short time in 57-58,,he left them to work in the session world,,he recorded for just about everybody at one time, Patsy Cline,Lefty Frizell,Tammy Wynette,Johnny Horton,Don Gibson,and lots more,,He did cut a couple other songs slapping solo lead,,one was River Of regret by June Stearns,,Unforturnetly the best stuff he ever did has been lost to the airwaves when he worked for Roy Acuff in the 40-50s.
    I have a copy of a book where Acuff kept up with when songs were preformed,,one page is of Joes bass songs,,I have searched all over but it dosent look like much of this was ever recorded,,I have a few sound bites,,and some video footage of him in the 60’s on tv,,but theres not much out there on him,,sadly he’s one of the forgoten players,,even though Junior Huskey always said Joe was his idol,,and Roy Jr also said the same thing.I became friends with Joe about 3 yrs before he passed,,I bought his old bass,,and even got to take him back to the Opry too see a lot of his old buddies.
    He was a really fine player and needs to be remeberd,,heres a page from one of the old Opry programs,,would’nt you love to hear 12th Street Rag slapped on a bass???

    kent blanton

    Heres Joe with Pee Wee King from about 1940

    kent blanton

    Here’s Joe Zinkan,1968,,with June Stearns,,she was Columbias Patsy Cline


    Thanks for posting all these great Zinkan clips.
    Such a wonderful player!

    Wayne Thomas

    One of the best bar none!! Sad that allot of his best material has been lost down through the years!

    Kent, Thanks for posting this info and for helping Joe’s voice
    be heard today!


Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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