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    Zinkan at his best!!!
    [i]I Never Can Come Back to You[/i] is really a great solo and another example where bass player was not credited!
    Happens too often…


    Hey Kent,
    what is the extension of the file you were trying to attach?

    Dan Enriquez

    Bump! Kent you there?

    Geoff Firebaugh

    Hey Kent! how’ve you been? Don’t you have Joe’s bass? you should post some pics of that. We always need more bass porn.


    kent blanton

    Hey Geoff,,good to hear from you as well,,I’ve been busy here of late keepin the wolf away,,I will try to post some pics,,and I have tried to put up some sound clips but no luck,,I’m not real smart when it comes to this computer stuff,,,Kent [img size=140]https://www.artofslapbass.com/artofslapbass/images/fbfiles/images/4176014917.jpg[/img]

    kent blanton

    I’ll try to post a pic or two,for you Geoff,,heres one of zinkan at a Johnny Horton session in 59,, [img size=239]https://www.artofslapbass.com/artofslapbass/images/fbfiles/images/hortonsession59.jpg[/img]

    kent blanton

    Heres one of Joe and myself at the Opry in 2000,,this was the 1st time he’d been back since the 70s,I invited a bunch of other bass player, Bob Moore, Lighnin Chance,Billy Linneman,,and there were other guys there that had’nt sen joe in 30 +yrs,,, [img size=339]https://www.artofslapbass.com/artofslapbass/images/fbfiles/images/Kent__Joe_Opry.jpg[/img]


    Very cool stuff, Kent!!

    I am stoked to have someone to learn about the Opry bassists from.

    Where can we hear some of your recordings?


    Incredible…I had one question to the board and that was just about “u the mostest girl” bass lines…and the question is in here !!!
    Anyway…I tried about 10 years ago to figure it out and found a way to do it…but it’s all gone now 🙁
    So, could it be that he’s playing 4 notes C-E-G-A and double slap in between the two last ones ?
    I have the lp which that song is on…I’ll try to dig it out and see if there’s some info bout the musiciens…


    bump bump !! anyone has any news or videos for this 🙂 ?

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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