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    Adam Booker

    Kevin Smith. Period.

    Dan Enriquez

    Lot of great players out there. I wouldn’t know who to start with. No particular order. Here’s a few
    Russell Scott
    Ric Ramirez
    Wally Hersom
    Jeff West
    Jimmy Sutton
    Ray Campi
    Geoff Firebaugh
    Kevin Stewart


    what about some psychobilly dudes

    Kevin Hurst

    Geoff Firebaugh
    Kevin Smith


    All great suggestions!
    Actually already working on some of those!

    I like to study every player before I feature them, so it takes some time. I really want to present every featured bassist as good as possible. I also want to promote some other, not so well known, players that deserve much more media attention by my opinion. My plan is to bring some players outside of the “billy” scene here.

    Feel free to suggest players that you’d like to see here!

    Hope you guys like Nicolas’ interview and his video!

    David Harber

    I’m looking forward to this! i love picking up random techniques and ideas from players who aren’t in the “scene”. I haven’t been playing very long, so I like to see everyone’s best practices and pickup everything that I can!

    Kevin Stewart

    James Kirkland!!! (because he’s still alive and ripping)
    Kevin Smith (the old RABB.com interview isn’t enough)
    Fantomas (aka Thomas Frenchy)
    Ryan Gould (haven’t heard enough about him and his stylings)
    Nuno (from Tennesse Boys/Portugal)
    The guy from Taraf de Haidouks

    and… if Wally Hersom would be into it… it would be cool to see him get some justice. He was one of my earliest influences…

    Patrik Backlund

    Miles Mosley!


    Mark Winchester.


    adam ben ezra..maybe it would convince him to slap more.


    Huck Johnson.

    Beau Sample.

    Victor Nystad

    [b]markus wrote:[/b]
    [quote]what about some psychobilly dudes

    Second that! I thought of Valle of Mad Sin + The Berlin Three too, he’s a great player. Kim Nekroman would be great too. I’m interested in details about their playing, like if they slap with their thumb or palm when doing quick double slaps, what fingers they pull with etc. I sent Valle a couple of questions about his technique on myspace recently, hoping I get an answer :cheer:


    valle is really cool guy, he replyed to some of my questions on myspace and i had a nice bass talk with him when they play here.It would be great to have him for a featured artist,although there is some new trend among slap bassists and alot of them are into these jazzy guys 🙂

    Geoff Firebaugh

    +1 For Wally, Fantomas, Kevin Smith, etc.

    Dave Roe-
    Thomas Yearsley

    mike sirman

    Yeah im all for these as well, mainly strangy, fantomas, or valle from mad sin.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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