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    Ben Mulligan

    is anybody having wrist problems?

    i’ve been playing for over 2 years

    and playing A LOT

    i’ve come a long way for playing for 2 years i think

    my slappling wrist is starting to become an issue now it doesn’t hurt while i play but when i’m not playing it feels like there’s something wrong with my wrist i hope it’s not the beginnings of getting carpal tunnel

    does anybody know of any treatments or certain stretches i should do?

    Ben Mulligan

    after going through several youtube videos i’ve found what seems to be the best video for massaging your wrists


    i’ve also learned that wearing those wrist braces while you sleep or hang out at home helps too


    Hey Bernwardo, nice video, thanx man!!!

    Ben Mulligan

    hey no problem contranauta!

    i was hoping it wasn’t just me with wrist problems!
    i do have small wrists though so i can see how it isn’t common with most people

    i just ordered one of these too

    Sports, Injury Fitness and Rehabilitation training aid

    good for the wrist!


    I use a technique that’s strictly wrist most of the time.

    I think of it like dribbling a basketball and not letting my hand move more than 2 inches from the fingerboard.

    Hope it helps.

    Ben Mulligan

    hey thanks for the reply!

    i’ve seen bass players do the dribbling thing…i’ve never tried it myself…it looks that would be harder on the wrist than anything!

    i’ll give it a try though!

    Jay Minor

    I’ve had 5 surgeries on my right wrist and the best stretch to do is grab the tips of your fingers with the palm of your other hand, fully extend your arm straight out and apply a good amount of pressure back towards your body. This will stretch your wrist forearm and fingers better then any other stretch. Also you can reverse the stretch by just turning your hand upside down and doing the same. Believe me this works great.

    Ben Mulligan

    HOLY SHIT!!!!

    5 surgeries!!


    well that makes me feel better…..the world isn’t over if i have one surgery!

    i was so afraid of getting surgery done….but yeah man everyday and right before i play i do stretches and exercises with my wrists…and it seems to be helping….i also grab a hockey stick, hold it by the handle and stick my arm out, holding the stick so that my thumb is facing up, then i just bend my wrist, while holding the stick towards the ceiling….it’s a good workout….in and earlier post i made on here i mentioned that power ball….that should really help


    Hey Benwardo,
    thanks for posting the video and starting this conversation! This is very important issue for all slap players.

    Ryan Gould dedicated a lot of time on the stretches and as you probably noticed he is the only one that’s actually doing it from all the guys that are interviewed here.

    Shoot him a message here – https://www.artofslapbass.com/artofslapbass/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=6&func=showcat&catid=10
    I’m sure he’d be happy to reply.

    Hope your wrist is feeling better!

    Ben Mulligan

    hey everybody!

    i’m not a powerball promoter or anything but i just gotta mention this again!

    i’ve been using it on my slap wrist for about a month now and my wrist is stronger and feeling better then ever right now!

    i still do stretches and use this powerball…i don’t really have to massage my wrist anymore becasue it doesn’t get sore

    watch this video

    and get a powerball!
    you’ll be able to slap for hours without any problems!

    (there i go sounding like a promoter!)


    Kurt Ciesla

    Try to concentrate on relaxing. play some things at a real slow tempo at first, try and focus on using speed rather than strength to get the notes out (think Bruce Lee). from a relaxed state, suddenly snap the string as fast as you can without yanking too much, you shouldn’t be pulling and releasing, it just takes a fraction of a second to produce a snap, then as soon as the note sounds, relax you hand and arm again. Then build up some speed. This should also help with timing. If you notice any muscles cramping up, try to focus on them and mentally relax them. Try not to work any harder than you have to. Once you can do this without thinking it should help with the pain and your stamina should increase too.

    Ben Mulligan

    cool man!

    thanks alot!
    i’ll give it a try!

    Kurt Ciesla

    Another thing I always do, Before you stretch you need to warm up the muscles in your hands. Make a fists with both hands, squeeze tightly for 30 seconds or so, then slowly open them, extend as far as they go and hold for 30 seconds. Now make kind of a “tiger paw” with them, bend the first and second knuckles but keep the 3rd straight, hold for 30 seconds. Then stretch each finger for 30 seconds both ways, including the thumb. Then all of them at once. You can also flex each finger individually, 10-20 reps each.

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