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    Kevin Smith

    Anybody know how to play the fills in this tune. There’s two versions that I know of,and only one has slap. It’s a killer line, and I’ve never really been able to figure it out…



    That might be one of the hardest rockabilly tunes for bass!

    I spent so much time trying to figure out who played bass on it. Record company didn’t know, Bobby Lee Trammell forgot… It’s a shame that such an amazing bass player was not credited. After long and intense research (talking to Bobby Lee, Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana; DJ played drums on that song and they were recording it at Scotty’s studio in Nashville), I’m almost positive that was Joe Zinkan (one of my favorite slap players) on the bass.

    The closest I can think what he played is quadruple for the main riff during a verse. That quadruple was played probably Dixon’s way (2 double slaps when you mute second tone). The fill he does in the break is definitely some kind of a drag/roll.

    It’s interesting that version from 1973 has slap and the one from 1958 doesn’t.

    Any other thoughts on this subject?


    I will sure work on it tomorrow and wednesday, thursday…’till 2056 !


    hmm, i thought the 58′ version was the one with slap in it ?
    this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep2RwrCJJUQ&feature=related ?

    Dan Enriquez

    Ok here’s a link. I slowed down the tune witout changing the pitch. sounds like quad slaps on the 2. song is really fast bet they sped it up.
    [audio src="https://www.supload.com/sound_confirm.php?get=306181689.wav" /]


    OK Dan, that was some freaky shit to listen to.

    Dan Enriquez


    kent blanton

    I’m glad to find your fourm,, its really great. Zinkan was the greatest,,he used a wrist roll to do some of those slaps,, I have some real good close up footage but he doesnt do any of the real complex slaps,,I will try to figure out how to you tube some of it soon,,,Kent

    Dan Enriquez

    Thanks Kent! I’m guessing you are in charge of the fansite. Cool!


    Hey Kent!
    Great to “see” you here!

    I was sure you’ll show up when I mentioned Zinkan!
    He’s definitely one of the best slap players in the history and unfortunately not so well known outside of the Nashville studio scene. Information that we shared about him were very helpful for me and my study about history of the upright slapping. Hope you’ll share your knowledge here as well! Thanks so much!

    the YT clip you posted says ’58, but that version is definitely from the 70’s. It’s obvious when you hear cheezy 70’s guitar sound:) Believe me, I spent so much time searching for the info on that tune. Even talked to Bobby Lee Trammell about it.

    Dan Enriquez

    Can you upload the original version? I just copied what was on youtube. Thanks!

    Kevin Stewart

    I’m with Djordje on this one….to me, it sounds like he is just doing a drag/fast triple combo into it with a drag leading into the walk down…

    Kevin, it kind of sounds like he’s doing what you did on the beginning to your solo for ‘Lone Empty Stretch Of Highway’ B)

    kent blanton

    Heres one of the greatest slap solos I have ever heard,,Joe Zinkan in 1958,with Johnny&Jacks,Never can come back to you,,hope this will attach the file,,I’m not up on all this file stuff yet,,Kent

    kent blanton

    try this

    kent blanton

    Well I;m not sure how to upload to this fourm
    ,,any ideas????

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