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    Great new site Djorde and awesome stuff with Mr. Debouche!!

    I am also a HUGE Dixon fan, we need ta get more RABbass cats over here now! I am a big slap bass history buff, and love researching how the early cats played it!

    A little intro – I play Country bass with Mae McCoy & the Neon Stars – a new Honky Tonk band only a couple months old. Check us out if you see us playing locally in Sacto or in the Bay Area. 🙂

    Strahinja Petrovic

    Welcome aboard!

    David Harber

    What a coincidence, Mike, Boom boom brown is the same thing I say when I’m in the bathroom 😉



    Many Willie Dixon fan are now around !!!

    I have a lot a of picture even a pair original sign post from him, 98% of is recording, many video.

    What sort of strange hand position for slap is this ?

    Do you like raw cajun swing ?

    I play with Dagousket Ramblers band (info on myspace etc…).

    Regards from France.



    Willie is definitely one of the most important players and huge influence for all of us!

    Glad you like the w-site Mike and I hope you’ll share your knowledge about slap bass history here! And yes, I’d love to see as many cats from rockabillybass as possible. Please spread the word!

    mike sirman


    Kevin Stewart

    Yeah now Boom Boom! 🙂

    Hope the new band is working out!

    Dan Enriquez

    Howdy Boom Boom!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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