kevin smith from austin post on slap bass website

Thank you all!!!

In just a first few weeks we got more than 1000 YouTube views of the first AOSB video episode and almost 100 members including...
nicolas dubouche plays double bass in song willie dixons boogie for art of slap bass

Dubouchet’s video reaches 10.000 views!!!

Thank you all for checking out Nicolas Dubouchet's video "Dixon's Boogie" on AOSB channel! It reached 10.000 views today! There are many mediocre slap bass...
Slap bass website by Djordje Stijepovic

Art of Slap Bass is back!

Hello bass slappers!As we announced it on our FB page earlier today, we have some exciting news for you.
art of slap on double, acoustic, upright, doghouse, bullfiddle bass

1 year anniversary of the Art of Slap Bass!!!

On this day (June 10th) last year we started the Art of Slap Bass! In this first year we posted five interviews, featured three videos,...
Ryan Gould slap acoustic bass

New Interview and Video with Ryan Gould!

We're constantly working on new interviews with some really amazing bass players nowadays. The latest one is with one of the busiest musicians and...

RIP James Kirkland

We're sad to inform you that the legendary rockabilly slap bassist JAMES KIRKLAND died Friday April 29th 2022. He was 87 years...