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Welcome to the Art of Slap Bass!


In past few years, interest in slap technique for the double bass has been increasing exponentially. Unfortunately, it continues to be very difficult to find information about it.

While researching for my upcoming book about slap bass, I had a chance to meet and interview some of the greatest living bassists. The majority of these players rarely (or never) get media attention. It’s a shame that throughout history, so many amazing musicians only become recognized posthumously. In my opinion, recognizing contemporary efforts is an important part of progress.

My intention is not to be a journalist of any kind. I’m primarily a bass player who wants to promote slap technique and to illustrate how slap can be used in any genre of music. The Art of Slap Bass is for everyone; not only jazz, classical, rock’n’roll and world music bassists, but also for people who share a passion for this beautiful instrument.

Hopefully, this website will be a useful source of information for bassists all over the world; a place where people interested in slap bass can connect with each other (see the forum). It should also help to promote some of today’s finest slap bass players. I’ll post their interviews on this website and feature their videos on the youtube channel, so please subscribe to it here.

I hope this website will grow over time and that it will encourage others to share their knowledge about slap bass.


Djordje Stijepovic