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    hey thnx eve, i saw the bass and just thought “wtf” its weird semi acoustic contraption. not a fan i must say. but anyways im sure jason burns is up to somthing.. (fingers crossed) . good to see ya in van and calgary !! come our way soon.


    [b]EricR wrote:[/b]
    [quote]Hey colin welcome aboard! I am from montreal as well, but no band currently. Digging the new album. I was surprised to hear you guys get some radioplay on chom 97.7 last night, never thought I’d hear this genre on there! Congrats and keep rockin![/quote]

    thats cool they’re playing our shit on the radio, every little bit helps to get the sick sounds of psycho out there! hopefully see ya around some time.


    [b]Benwardo wrote:[/b]

    finally some more canadian slappers!
    i’m from ontario too!

    i play in a band called “the Coffins”

    i’ll add you on myspace

    hope we meet up sometime![/quote]

    hey man we’re hitting ontario this month!! are you guys playing with us anywhere? we’re doing t.o. st catherines and kingston. lemme’ know.

    Ben Mulligan

    Hey colin thanks for the heads up!

    our band is taking a break for awhile because of new jobs but i’m going to try and make it to toronto when you guys play there!

    if you need to get ahld of me again, the best way to do it would be on myspace


    hopefuly see you around!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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