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    Hey everyone! I’m Colin i play bass for The Brains , a psycho band from Montreal Canada. Check us out on myspace [url=http://www.myspace.com/thebrains]www.myspace.com/thebrains[/url]
    Cool site and board. keep slappin’ and i’ll see you when we play your town!

    Ben Mulligan

    hey Colin!

    it’s good to see you on here!
    you’re the only other canadian that i know of on here!

    i play bass for the coffins from sudbury…our band opened up for the brains when johnny was in the band

    hopefully we’ll run into each other sometime!

    like the slappin on the new album!



    yea i noticed a lack of Canadian slappers, and there’s so many of us. I’m sure i’ll see ya when we play sudbury next unless u guys are out of town. we may come down in dec. Glad you like the new album. Cheers man!


    Ben Mulligan

    that would be awesome if you guys came to sudbury!
    definitly let me know if there’s an opening for us to play too!

    Ben Mulligan

    by the way…what kind of strings do you use with your king bass?

    i just got a king with gut D&G with silver slap E&A…think i might change the silver slaps though….not liking them too much


    Hey Benwardo … I went to Sudbury once, to meet a guy at the University who does weird things with your brain. Micheal Persinger. He’s always doing stuff on telly with a motorcycle helmet that zaps your brain with magnets.
    Sudbury … nice place I remember. Ahem. Maybe I didn’t see the best bits!

    Ben Mulligan

    cool man!

    when was the last time you were there?


    Wellcome Collin,

    I did enjoy the show at Wild at Heart, Berlin!!!!

    Next time?

    Ein Mexicaner, bitte!!


    silver slaps are good. i used psychoslaps on the album and still use them except i now have them bumped and am using a gut string for the g cause it was the only suitable one i had lying around.


    the show @ wild at heart was amazing! so many mexicaners. next time we’ll have to have a few more mexicanners. PROST!

    Rob Foreman

    Hey! Canadian Slapper here, I’m from Antioch California but I now live in Ontario Canada! My band is called the Quick Shifters. Check us out sometime if you’re ever in Peterborough.

    http://www.myspace.com/thequickshifters for dates!

    I’ll repost once I have some music up but for now there’s just a couple youtube vids of very low quality, and was when I first got my upright and started the band.

    I stumbled upon this website when searching for answers to the King Double Bass Mystery (to me it was a mystery) and now I’ve joined and it’s the first and only site I’ve become a member of for forum purposes. I’m looking forward to sharing everything I know about upright bass with you.

    Ben Mulligan


    finally some more canadian slappers!
    i’m from ontario too!

    i play in a band called “the Coffins”

    i’ll add you on myspace

    hope we meet up sometime!


    i’m from quebec, canada too.

    There’s a lot of slapper on doublebasschat.com, an other upright bass forum.

    If you need a band to play with, check us out at http://www.myspace.com/rockabillyrulesband

    We’re mostly doing some covers, all in a Stray Cat style.

    Eric Ross

    Hey colin welcome aboard! I am from montreal as well, but no band currently. Digging the new album. I was surprised to hear you guys get some radioplay on chom 97.7 last night, never thought I’d hear this genre on there! Congrats and keep rockin!

    Eve Hell

    Hey Colin;

    The bass company we were talking about in Vancouver that Lee Rocker is working with now is called Kolstein.


    Hope fully you remember to check this page again when you get home. Have a safe and fun rest of the tour.


    Eve Hell

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