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    Strahinja Petrovic

    Hello Greg,
    I was wondering about your setup – what kind of strings do you play and what kind of pickups do you use?

    Greg Olwell

    Hi Dick,

    I’m currently using Thomastik mediums and a Fishman Full Circle (with a Fishmam Pro-EQ Bass DI) on my Christopher DB303 hybrid.

    The thing is, I generally prefer the feel and sound of gut strings, but I’ve been trying to improve my intonation and I’m finding that easier with steel strings. I also think each instrument needs to be matched with strings that best suit the bass and the dead, old Thomastiks that I have on there seem to really suit my bass.

    All the bass,


    You use the Thomastik superflexibles, but the SOLO tendency, or the Orchestral?

    Greg Olwell

    I am using the Spirocore Orchestra (Medium) strings, with red windings on top and bottom. I tried the Weichs and found that, to my ears, they didn’t give me as much tone as I wanted.

    I play a few other stringed instruments and find that I generally prefer medium to heavy strings. I feel that they make the instrument sound better and project more. Then, the rest is up to me to make it sound better when I play it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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