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    Dan Enriquez

    Lots of cool shit on here from Dave and Deke, Rip Carson, Wayne Hancock, Voodoo Swing, Hillbilly Casino, Dale Hawkins, Chop Tops and me making an half ass attempt at playing bass.

    [url=]Memphisevil Youtube Channel[/url]

    Lastest vid is from Voodoo Swing with the lovely Ruth Wilson on doghouse bass.[video][/video]


    In the video with the latin slap, what are the notes after CEG (on the main riff) that are single slapped?

    Eve Hell

    I’m already a subscriber.


    Eric Ross

    Just subscribed, some damn fine videos on there!

    Dan Enriquez

    post the link to the vid. you are referring to. I’ll help you out on it.

    Thanks guys for subscribing!

    The guitarist from the 1st band I joined just sent this to me through youtube. lol!

    Your upright Bass video has almost 200,00 hits! crazy. I remember when you first picked it up, I said to myself “this guy cant play for shit”. Then you broke your leg and played with a cast and bloody blistery fingers. Well…. good job you’ve come a long way since then. Let me know when you will be visiting LA.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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