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    Psycho Slap are the same strings as Silver(or Gold)Slap with a bigger diameter and a little more tension.They got a big fat sound with big sustain.I’d rather less sustain and less “brightness” but after two month it sounds good.I have tried the E with A/D/G plain gut on one bass and the A detuned to E with A/D/G weed wackers and I can tell you both combinations are good.Need another bass to try the whole set !
    Someone have tried these strings ? what about ?


    Iv’e been playing the Psychos now a mounth and i truly love the strings. Great sound and has a nice feeling to em. The more i play them the more they break in, they only gets better.


    Yep, nice match for guts. I got E and A with plain gut. The slap is a bit harsher, but hardly.
    The pizz tone is spot on match for gut.


    I might like to try these. Currently in between string sets. What is the outer winding material made of?



    I can add that i also bumped them and used a plain gut g-string and i have been playing it for like two months now. really like them.

    Jason Ford

    So, are these the same as the Golden/Silver Slaps? Or are they actually different in size. I’ve seen a couple of sites that are selling the Golden Slaps as Psychos.

    I’ve used a Golden Slap E and A for about a year now and really like them. I’m lazy and just plain tired of maintaining my D and G guts. So I’m thinking of completing the Golden Slap set.


    try gollihur website, he made a good review of them.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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