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    mike sirman

    Alright so theres tons of videos etc for the different slaps and different explanations of them. I dont overly care what people call them, I got it through my head the same way listed on this site that a double slat is plucking the string with 2 actually slaps, the string hitting the board and your hand/fingers hitting as well.

    I see different places and different people trying to teach it 2 ways, one seems to be pluck the string, let it slap back against the board and then slap with your fingers. Then others seem to teach slap the string to the board, then pluck, then let it slap back against the board.

    Which is the common one or right one for most of the time? I am sure both have their place but I have always been doing the slap the string first then pluck and just never really noticed I was doing it but it seems weird as the slap would be on the 1 beat instead of the actually note and then the note follows shortly after.

    If you do use them like this do you slap before the one beat so that the actual note falls on the beat or do you use the click first from the slap?

    I was watching the scott hinds videos again and he says to slap it after you pluck the note but when hes actually playing it sounds like what I normally do so im just getting kind of confused.

    Mattias Isaksen

    Personally I use both. Depending on the sound I’m going for. If you slap it after the pluck it works great for some slower songs and if you slap first then pluck it gets a little more tempo, great for speedier songs. Although sometimes it’s the opposite. So yeah I use both.



    Haha good explenation! i guess i got it hehe.
    Same here about the slapping use both all the time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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