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    Hi everybody, my name is Giulio and I started to play the upright last year after 8 years of electric bass. After a year of playing only pizz I decided to try slapping, so a few days ago I bought 4 weedwhacker strings of different size in a hardware store and I made a set of “slap” strings out of those :laugh: So you can see I’m quite a noob, and I’m here to learn more B)
    I hope my english won’t be too bad!

    Ben Mulligan

    hardware store weed wackers!

    haha that’s awesome man!
    how do they sound?

    if you like playing pizz and slap i found inovation rockabilly strings are great for that….i haven’t tried many sets of strings but i do know they work great

    innovation rockabilly E&A with efrano gut D&G…good for pizz and slap


    Well IMHO they sounds good! I used to have Thomastik Spirocore on my bass before those, they were very good for pizz but too hard to play slap… and I also didn’t like the sound… those ones are much easier to play, both pizz or slap and I love it :laugh: Of course they have less volume but for the moment is not a problem, and they are still “setting” on the instrument I mean I still have to tune them quite often; I did that also because around here is quite difficult to purchase upright bass strings, I could have get nylon strings but they cost almost 100€, by using weedwhackers I spent 11€ 😆 Diameter is (in mm) 1.6 2.0 2.4 and 3.0

    Thanks for the welcome and the advice for the strings, maybe I’ll try those when I’ll be a better player! :laugh:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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