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    Christian Henniger

    How can i order a Blast Cult bass? I´m from germany! What´s the price for it? (with magn. pick up)!


    little E

    Hey Jason

    I talked to John H. after supporting Brian Setzer’s rockabilly riot in Europe.

    He showed me his blast cult bass and told me how good it was.
    That made me quite interested in “Blast Cult”

    I wanted to order a King a year back but due to stockage problems in Sweden , I bought an Englehardt Swingmaster and recently a Chech bass.

    I play 200+ gigs a year so I need a heavy duty bass with great sound ;).

    can I have more info on the basses?



    cccrockabilly ( @ ) Gmail dot COM


    Emailed from Jason @ blast cult on 2011-08-22 when i asked him the difference between a slap king from king doublebass and a one4fives from blast cult. Those are the lower quality bass from them.

    The One4Fives are the best basses I have ever built. The difference between the Slap Kings and One4Fives are, the One4Five was built at Blast Cult in the USA. Slap Kings were made in China and painted and setup in the USA. The One4Five is a better instrument than the Road King and costs over a thousand dollars less!! The One4Fives come with all swamp skunk fittings( fingerboard, nut, tailpiece, and endpin). The Slap King had B-grade ebony for the fingerboard and various other materials depending on the time the Slap King was made. We put much more time and precision on the setups of the One4Fives because we are not trying to make thousands of these instruments a year. We will make a limited number of basses per year. The necks are thinner at the top but still have a little meat behind the fingerboard to keep your hands from cramping, but the necks feel fast and comfortable. The price for the One4Five in satin black, satin blood red stain, and satin antique white is 3700.00 USD. The satin bad luck green pearl, satin copper pearl burst, satin tobacco burst stain, and satin blood burst stain is 3900.00. If you want fully polished mirror finish add 500.00 except piano black which is 1000.00 extra. We can also do custom paint for an upcharge based on the amount of extra work done.

    We are developing a new flight case right now and will probably be ready for sale the first part of 2012. We do have a killer soft case with very thick padding.

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