Cordes Lambert available again!

cordes-lambert-double-bass-like gut strings for rockabilly and jazz players endorsed by nicolas dubouchet

All gut string players will love these news. After a while, Cordes Lambert strings are available for pre-order. They will be producing very limited number of sets, so hurry up. Shoot them an email at and put your name on the waiting list. The prices are 100e ($110 for US customers) for GUT TWIN (plain A, D, G and wrapped E), 130e/$140 for GUT TWIN ’47 (plain D, G and wrapped E and A) and 160e/$170 for KING SET (plain A, D, G and wrapped E and A).
Check out their w-site for more info and promo videos done by the first Art of Slap Bass star Nicolas Dubouchet!


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