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    I haven’t find you, what’s the name of your youtube account ?
    I like your band, it rocks ! what’s your gear ?

    Ben Mulligan


    i use a gallien krueger 1001rb head with a GK 410rbh cab for the tone

    a yorkville combo amp for the slap sound

    i like dividing the slap from the tone…i never get feedback and my slap sound has a very high pitched click. i also get high end sound from the notes a bit too

    my bass is a sunrise solana from lemur music.

    what about you?


    I’m playing an Engelhardt EM-1 with “home-made” alcoholic varnish that sounds better.You can find all informations in the “interviews” section :

    Riccardo Sgavetti

    I tried FMI weed pro, not happy at all.
    They are expensives and E and A are completely dead.
    Now I’m usin Eurosonics light, they sounds good, and better every day, slappable and ok for fingerstyle, I love them.
    My jazz upright doesn’t part from spirocores.


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Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)
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