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    Simon Farrell

    [b]Christine wrote:[/b]
    [quote]I play Rotos but yes there is the tension problem[/quote]

    maybe it’s an action problem on your bass?
    You should try fixing that before changing strings.

    Strahinja Petrovic

    there is a TENSION problem with rotos. Every string has different tension and A is the worst! Very thin comparing to D and G and with higher tension!

    mike sirman

    Switched over from steels to try out the superior wackers this weekend, so far pretty impressed with the feel and sound.


    What brand and gauge are this wackers ?

    mike sirman

    [b]dubouch wrote:[/b]
    [quote]What brand and gauge are this wackers ?[/quote]

    They are from Superior Bassworks

    [url=]Superior Bassworks[/url]

    I have no idea what the actual guage is on these things but they are pretty damn thick, they come in a 5 string set though so could bump them over and use the lower guage ones but im trying out the thickest as the E first and it seems to sound pretty good as it is.

    They sound like the newest thing as far as wackers goes, theres a pretty big thread about them on the rockabilly bass forum you can read more info from here.

    [url=]Superior Wackers thread at RAB[/url]

    The guy who is taking over making them is on there as well so he could prob give me info about them if your looking.


    Thanks for the link,
    I have tried to order a set but didn’t have a response.Anyway they seems to be “out of stock” in their w-site.
    When did you order them ? can you call the guy who is making them ?

    mike sirman

    [b]dubouch wrote:[/b]
    [quote]Thanks for the link,
    I have tried to order a set but didn’t have a response.Anyway they seems to be “out of stock” in their w-site.
    When did you order them ? can you call the guy who is making them ?[/quote]

    The guy who was doing it ended up being too busy to keep up with it so someone else is in the process of taking over right now, I think he said he is making a new website right now for it.

    I think his name was henry on the rockabilly bass forum, he posted a few times on that thread. Not sure if he is selling them right now or if he is holding off until he gets everything under control again. Best bet would probably be to send him a message or post on that forum as he was responding to us pretty quick.

    What gauge are the strings that you make?


    Thanks again.
    Gauges are :
    -G : 0.095
    -D : 0.105
    -A : 0.130 I have tried a 0.155 that is good for pizz but lose the note when slapped.
    -E : 0.170 from FMI.But this string is really a 0.200 ! I use also an A Pirastro oliv’ detuned to A that works pretty good and that way got the same tension as Weedwackers.

    Ian Sterling

    I’ve been using silver slaps for a while now, they sound beautiful acoustically and pizz great, but I really like how nicolas’ strings sound… magic weedwackers. they don’t sound all floppy and lame, which is all i’ve experienced with wackers. 😛

    Ben Mulligan

    I use innovation rockabilly E&A and efrano gut D&G

    i LOVE the guts, nice tension and beautiful slap sound but for some reason when i play live my K&K pickups don’t pickup the G that well…anyone else have the same problem?

    the innovation A string sounds awesome aswell as the E but when i play live the E sounds a bit dead.

    i’m getting a custom roadking from kingdouble bass being made for me right now and i’m going to keep the guts but i’m going to try silver slaps for E&A. is this a good decision?

    and does anybody have any updates on the innovation psycho slaps yet? i’d really like to get some light tension E&A strings that sound and feel good like my guts. i hear E&A guts sound a bit dead?


    Hey Benwardo,
    can’t help you with your K&K problem ! but if your G string sounds good you should hear it with your pick-up and amp.
    Yes, silver or psychoslaps match good with gut but you have to wait a couple of month before they loose their brightness.

    Ben Mulligan

    thanks for the advice nicholas!

    and thanks for ALL of your advice on here!
    especially all the string advice!

    by the way, your DVD is amazing….i love using the pull slap the most

    with your lessons aside, all the sound clips you have on the menu screens are awesome too…i’m still trying to learn avalon though!

    almost have it!…..just need a find a trumpet player now !

    Slapology….whoever doesn’t have this DVD…GET IT!


    Thanks !
    Where can I hear you ? do you got a w-site or myspace page ?


    PS : Hey Benwardo,
    I have posted new videos.

    Ben Mulligan

    hey nicholas my band’s myspace is

    the 2 videos featured on the myspace are from our first 2 shows ever

    and the songs were all recorded by us in a livingroom

    so they don’t really give me justice on my playing

    we’re hoping to record our songs right this spring aswell as record our first record

    maybe i’ll even upload some vids of me playing on youtube sometime aswell…seems like a good way to advertize….i wouldn’t have found out about slapology or charlaz if it wasn’t for your vids on youtube.

    hope you like it

    by the way….AWESOME new vids! i just subscibed to your youtube account


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