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    Ben Mulligan

    hey nicolas

    i’m looking into finding a new mic to record my bass with..

    you mentioned in your interview that you used an Audio-Technica AT4033A mic…is there a lot of equalization that has to be done to the recording after for a good sound?….or does it naturally sound great?

    the mic i’m using is a blue snowball…..used it for all my recordings….great mic for anyone who just records at home…but for recording bass i really gotta do a lot of tweaking to the track to hide the slap a bit more..

    hope this message is pretty clear…i can really get into the way i record, but i’d be writing an essay…i use a free program that you cna jsut download called audactiy…great home recording program


    Hi Benwardo,
    yes, I use this mic but you can record with any mic supposed to capture low frequences.The best choice depends on your taste.As an advice, better is to use the “low-cut” position on the mic (or on the track)to get a more precise sound.Pre-amp is also very important.I use tube pre-amp to have a more “warm” sound.
    The position of the mic is very important too.If you want less slap sound, you’d better put your mic infront of the “F” hole (“G” side) at 20cm.See how sound is…if you want more slap let’s direct the mic to your fingerboard.
    By using this kind of mic, be sure your PC set is : 44.1 kHz / 16-bit.
    Hope it helps.

    Ben Mulligan


    thanks a lot!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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