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    Mattias Isaksen

    Would be cool if there where some lessons for the upright bass here. Some different basslines, excersises for building speed and stamina. Would be great for us new guys. Most lessons on youtube is about the slapping itself but not about what to play during that slapping. And those who deal with the playing only teach jazz or classical.

    Anyone here who think they can put together some lessons for rockabilly/psychobilly?


    mike sirman

    I agree, with all the crazy bassists here some lessons would be awesome. There are a few text lessons on rockabillybass for basic stuff like root 5th on the first and third beat kind of thing but thats more or less it.

    What about getting like a youtube channel going where members can post lessons and they would all be in a group called art of slap bass or something and have even basic lessons on like different slap techniques, theory, different basslines that are commonly played on upright, more or less actual bass lessons but geared specifically for upright.

    I would definitly help out with it as I have wanted sometihng like that for a long time although not nearly good enough to give lessons to anyone but any other help needed I would be willing.

    Ben Mulligan

    support the guys we have on here!!

    didi beck wrote a book on it
    nicholas dubouchet has a dvd out (i have it it’s perfect)

    a year later i still watch it once in awhile cuz i still find and learn little tricks here and there

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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