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    Without going into a big, long story my bridge feet got screwed up and no longer sit flush to my belly.

    I have a gig to do on Friday and I’m going to use adhesive to make sure it doesn’t slip.

    What’s the strongest you’d recommend (and Gorilla Glue isn’t strong enough).

    Adam Booker

    Don’t use glue!!!! Set some fine grain sandpaper on the bridge area. Rub the feet against the belly and they will conform to the shape of the bass. Glue is bad for so many reasons.

    Shawn Supra

    I saw a bridge after a few weeks of being glued down, it looked like a skateboard launch ramp…the thing is supposed to be held down with just pressure for a reason. Don’t do it! Just get it fixed.



    PLEASE, no glue! the sandpaper trick works killer, just be careful not to rock the bridge back and forth in the process. You want nice square edges on those feet.
    score the bottom of the feet with a pencil every few passes, that way you can check for high spots without taking too much off. Be patient!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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