wavelength magazine article on slap bass in new orleans

New Orleans String Bass Pioneers

About 15 years ago, I ran into an article that was published in Wavelength magazine in 1990 called “Slap That Bass! - New Orleans...
double slap bass patterns and riffs including triplet, gallop, quadruple, drag slap and roll

Basic Slap Bass Patterns

...and the problem of inconsistent nomenclature Because slap technique was mainly used in music styles that were not commonly written, there exist different names for...
Pops Foster slap bass

Pops Foster

Pops is one of more prominent exponents of slap in early jazz and swing.
Chester Zardis, little bear, slaps his upright bass

Chester Zardis

An initial idea to write, now legendary, article New Orleans String Bass Pioneers, that came out in December 1990, Daniel Meyer had...

Bill Johnson

While he wasn’t the first, Bill Johnson was certainly one of the first, most prominent exponents of slap bass in American music. He was...