Best Upright Bass Cabinets Yet?

BNA Audio might be a new name in the music gear world, but their owner Mark Robertson (Th' Legendary ShackShakers) is well known upright bass player for a long time. After experimenting with many cabinets that are available on the market, Mark decided to create his own. 

Here's the link to their w-site where you can find all the info about these amazing cabs. Be sure to "like" their Facebook page as well!


New solo record by Mark W. Winchester

A bass player for Planet Rockers, Brian Setzer and Emmylou Harris, Mark W. Winchester has a new album out. And it's called UPRIGHT! Before you buy the album, you can preview all the tracks on his Facebook page here. While you're there give our fellow slapper a "like"!


Blast Cult t-shirts available!

The Blast Cult just made some cool new t-shirts and they are available for sale!

They are very high quality, fitted shirts and not big goofy ass beefy tees that fit weird. They are discharge printed (no plastisol), Blast Cult labeled, cool motherfuckers. They are 15 bucks and available in 3 different designs. They made some chick tanks as well. While you're waiting for your bass, grab a shirt!!

If interested email Kari at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for details.


Ryan Gould's New Website

Hey fellow slappers, our friend Ryan Gould, the star of the second AOSB episode has a new website up on the web. Check it out here and come to one of his gigs if you're ever around Austin TX!


Slapology is back!

In last couple months we have received many emails from you asking when Nicolas Dubouchet's great instructional DVD Slapology would be available again. You'll be happy to hear that we just received a new shipment. The supply is very limited again, so hurry up, grab your copy at our store and check out some of the best slap bass lessons you can get!
For all of you that already pre-ordered it, we will send you your DVD on Monday Sept 12. Thank you for your patience and support.