New video of Kevin Smith with Willie Nelson!

Great slap bass player (and member of The Art of Slap Bass forum) Kevin Smith plays with Willie Nelson's new Western Swing project that includes members of Asleep at the Wheel!

Willie and the Wheel, which is the name of this band, toured all over US and recorded a great album. Kevin is on 9 of 12 tracks of this record. The Art of Slap Bass readers will be happy to hear his nice solo on the song "Bring It down". The band just released a video clip for the single Hesitation Blues. You can check it out here and see Kevin slapping his legendary Ideal Cooler bass at 0:22 (behind Willie), 1:34 and 1:43!

Congratulations to Kevin!!!


Thank you all!!!

In just a first few weeks we got more than 1000 YouTube views of the first AOSB video episode and almost 100 members including some amazing players like Kevin Smith, Jimmy Sutton and others. The Art of Slap Bass is growing faster than we could ever hoped for!
Special thanks goes to Mike Sirman, Dan Enriquez and Kevin Stewart for being the most active members on the forum!
Please continue to spread a word about the Art of Slap Bass!
Stay tuned for more upcoming interviews and interesting articles!

Jimmy Sutton on tour in Europe!

Great slap bass player (and member of AOSB) Jimmy Sutton will be on tour in Europe with Deke Dickerson from July 4th to July 12th! They'll play in Switzerland, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium. All dates are posted on www.dekedickerson.com.

Be sure to check out this amazing player and amazing band!


Interview with Nicolas Dubouchet added!

We're excited to interview a great slap player from Franced - Nicolas Dubouchet!
Check out what he has to say about his technique, equipment, influences and much more!
And why not...post a question for Nicolas on our forum!
He'll be answering shortly.

Nicolas Dubouchet Instructional Video Available

If you like Nicolas' playing (and we're sure you do!) check out his instructional DVD!

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